Getting Here

Travel to St Luc
Chalet Flora is well located in the village of St Luc. St Luc is located at the heart of the Val d’Anniviers in the Valais canton of Switzerland. Access is easy from Geneva, Zurich, and Sion airports as well as from other cities in Switzerland and further afield.


Flights to Switzerland
Geneva airport is well served by frequent and comparatively cheap services from British Airways,  Swiss, Easyjet, Lufthansa, KLM, Air France amongst other airlines. Sion airport is served by Swiss and by private airlines.

Travel by public transport from Geneva
Swiss efficiency ensures a straightforward and stress free journey by public transport from popular starting points.  The route from Geneva has the added bonus of providing stunning views over Lake Geneva along the way.

From Geneva or Geneva airport
From Geneva or Geneva airport (where the train station is just underneath the terminal building, just a few minutes walk from International Arrivals), take the train to Sierre (journey time: 2hours 15 mins, twice per hour).  From Sierre  Station take the CarPostal (yellow Post Bus) to St Luc Beausite  (the bus destination to Chandolin or Vissoie).  Free WiFi is available on the Post Bus if you want to keep in touch.  A ticket for the whole journey from Geneva Airport to St Luc can be bought online at the SBB website. Note that the buses are timed to connect immediately with trains from Geneva although not all trains have a bus connection.  From the bus stop it is a 1 min walk to the chalet.

Total journey time from Geneva/Geneva airport to St Luc by train and bus is approximately 3 hrs.

Total journey time from Sion/Sion airport to St Luc by train and bus is approximately 1 hour.

Travel by car from Geneva
From Geneva or Geneva airport All the major rental firms have a base at Geneva airport.

Please see this guide from Zest

Take the Autoroute in the direction of Lausanne and Montreux from the airport.  Further on follow the signs for Simplon or Brig. Turn off the motorway at Sierre (around 110 miles from Geneva) in the direction signposted “Val d’Anniviers”.  This is quite a serious mountain road and those unfamiliar with mountain driving are recommended to take it slowly. Please note that convention dictates that you should give way to any Post Bus coming in the opposite direction and pull in to allow yourself to be overtaken.  Your passengers will enjoy wonderful views up and down the valley, even if you must keep your eyes on the road!

The route takes you first to Vissoie (journey time: 25 mins) a pretty village which is the administrative base for Val d’Annivier and a good pausing point if you so wish.  At the central square of Vissoie turn left onto the route signposted “St Luc”. You will arrive in St Luc around 15 mins later.

Total journey time from Geneva/Geneva airport to St Luc by car is approximately 2 hrs 30 mins.

Driving from outside Switzerland
Please note that you will need to display a Swiss vignette to travel on all major roads.  This can be bought at the border crossing.